Dr. Laura Mangels

Founder & Science Lead

Laura is a sociologist, and a life-long seeker of truth and of social justice, in equal measure.


An expert on rigorous analysis in low-quality-data environments, Laura has pioneered innovative, low-cost methodologies for studying racial bias, identifying inflection points in the legal system, police use-of-force training, and auditing presidential elections. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals.


Laura holds a doctoral degree and MA in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley, and undergraduate degrees in sociology and in psychology from Reed College.


Laura lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner and two cats.

12022018_Andrea Sommer_Hivertech_Angel-1

Andrea Sommer

Founder & Business Lead

Andrea is an experienced strategist and entrepreneur with a background in disruptive technology and innovation. Before her entrepreneurial career, Andrea was Director of Strategic Initiatives at Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. 


Andrea is passionate about dismantling the barriers to equity and increasing representation across all levels. She has been featured in a number of high profile publications such as The Financial Times, Forbes, Thrive Global as well as several books. 


She holds an MBA from London Business School and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Reed College.


Andrea has lived all over the world,  most recently in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter.

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Sally Darling

Research Director 

Sally is a researcher who is passionate about inclusive research and design practices.


Her work is devoted to identifying and addressing the biases built into the technology that shapes our everyday interactions.

Before joining UvvaLabs, Sally specialized in operations management for production and retail environments, giving her a firsthand look at the barriers to inclusivity that is baked into much of the technology currently used in the workplace.

Sally is pursuing an MS in Applied Anthropology at the University of North Texas with a focus on business, technology, and design. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and son.